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19/10/06: Breaking the silence: a national voice for gynaecological cancers

Senate – Standing Committee on Community Affairs –  Report

13/09/06: A pap smear saved my life – That’s Life

Karen was trying for a baby but instead got a call that no woman wants to take.  Read article

13/09/06: My pap smear shock! – Take5

Amy wasn’t worried when her pap smear revealed abnormal cells – then her doctor told her she had stage one cervical cancer.  Read article

11/05/06: Senate Inquiry into gynaecological cancer in Australia   Read more

20/10/05: Fact File – Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide, and the 13th most common cancer in women in Australia.  Read article

04/08/05: Fact File – Endometriosis

What do Marilyn Monroe, Queen Victoria, and Susan Sarandon have in common? All have suffered the poorly understood disease endometriosis.  Read article