Our Logo

The Story of Our Logo

The cute lady in our logo is “affectionately” called Sally by GAIN members. “Sally” is copyright to GAIN Inc, and may not be used without permission.

The GAIN logo was designed by Donna Cameron of Donna Cameron Design in Perth, Western Australia, in 2005. Donna based her design on a very old photograph of a woman looking up her own dress – a very frilly, old-fashioned dress!

The photograph is owned by Kath Mazzella, the founder of GAIN, and for Kath the action of the woman in the photo was symbolic of what GAIN stood for – the idea that women need to take care of their own gynaecological health.

The, then, GAIN executive committee, also, wanted a contemporary design – ie something modern, and also fun. The newly commissioned logo was first used for the first “National Gynaecological Awareness Day” on September 10th 2005.

“Sally” will take GAIN Inc well into the 21st century, and is featured on all posters, flyers, brochures, membership forms, our website, and she can be seen at all GAIN events.

Look out for “Sally” at the next GAIN event!

This information provided by Ms Natalie Jenkins

(Current GAIN member, & past chair)