About GAIN Inc

Our Aims

  • to promote an information service for women which brings together all gynaecological issues;

  • to promote awareness of gynaecological problems in a fun and enriching way;

  • to help the community overcome the sense of taboo that is associated with gynaecological issues;

  • to help the community overcome the ‘stigma’ attached to gynaecological issues eg. STI’s associated with promiscuity

  • raise awareness of the importance of knowing risks, symptoms and diseases of gynaecological health in building self-esteem;

  • raise awareness of gynaecological issues and sexual health through public and private discussion & to help remove the stigma associated with gynaecological health;

  • provide information about gynaecological/sexual health that results in better understanding and confidence;

  • improve communication and help bridge the gap between health professionals and the community


Our Statement:

Advocacy, Empowerment and Knowledge