Stepping Down

IMG_9359 It’s been a manic 5 years since having kids and running GAIN Inc. While its been an amazing experience being involved in GAIN Inc. and being Chair, the time has come for me to step down as Chair and the GAIN Inc. committee. As most of you know, life with toddlers, running a household and now the decision to go back to work will keep me more than busy, which is both exciting and overwhelming to say the least.

So the time has come to say goodbye, however, there are many people to thank. Firstly I’d like to sincerely thank the committee, members and sponsors past and present who have continually supported GAIN’s work and drive to help raise awareness of women’s gynae and sexual health and cancers. This has been achieved through seminars, support groups, events such as high teas and wine and cheese nights to name a few. Without the support GAIN Inc. would cease to exit. However, as we all know we need to continually support and help raise awareness of such issues to help break the silence of issues down under. Some women have been fortunate to never experience a gynae health issue but for many the pain, trauma and embarrassment continues to prevail. As women, we need to support each other and help each other though such issues.

Secondly, I would like to warmly thank Kath Mazzella, the founder of GAIN Inc. who continues to speak out for women and raise awareness on women’s gynae health and cancers. Kath continues to work tirelessly advocating for women’s gynae health and cancers along with her husband Tony who continues to support her. Kath’s passion, drive and persistence is beginning to see breakthroughs in the way communities are responding to women’s gynae and sexual health issues nationally and globally. Each year we continue to celebrate International Gynae Awareness Day on 10th September.

Thirdly, I would like to sincerely thank A/Prof. Graeme Boardley (Executive Director of Midwifery, Nursing and  Patient Support Services, Women and Newborn Health Service at King Edward  Memorial Hospital, and the co-lead for the Womens and Newborn’s Health Network) and The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of Perth, Lisa Scaffidi who is the Ambassador of GAIN Inc. for their continued support to GAIN Inc. throughout the years.

Two extraordinary women, namely Catherine Aurubind (former Chair of GAIN) and Vanessa Watson (Gynae nurse) and who both continue to endure chronic pelvic pain will be taking over positions as Chair and Vice Chair respectively. Both Catherine and Vanessa currently run the pelvic pain support group at the GAIN office in Subiaco.

In closing, I wish the new committee and GAIN Inc. the very best in spreading the word and raising awareness of gynae and sexual health.

As we say, ‘Onwards and Upwards’.

Best wishes, Tina

Tina Schiavello, PhD

GAIN Inc. Chair






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