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Where has the time gone? This year has certainly gone fast as we are nearly approaching the festive season. Well, over the past ¬†months we have been focusing on various aspects of GAIN, namely administration & social media. However, we would really appreciate if you can support GAIN by sharing your stories/experiences with us. We know gynae health is something women don’t often discuss with eachother & don’t always know who to ask or turn to. Most women we speak to have more than one issue & when often asked about their issue they often say, ‘we thought the pain is just normal & something you just live with’ or ‘I can’t talk about that, its to embarrassing’. This isn’t the case at all. By sharing your own personal experience, this will help us help others & help breakdown any stigma or taboo. All information such as name & other relevant information can be kept confidential. You can share your story by submitting the Share Your Story form on the home page or you can email me.

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