International Gynae Awareness Day (IGAD) September 10th

GAIN IGAD Button Sept 10th IGAD 5

HAPPY IGAD Day!! We hope everyone can share this special day by letting others know what it is over a chat or coffee.

Aims of International GYN Awareness Day are: 

  • To bring professionals and health consumers together for the betterment of Gynaecological / Sexual Health Awareness;
  • To continue to share knowledge and experiences about gynae health/sexual health with the community in an effort to remove cultural and sexual taboos and build confidence within oneself;
  • To raise awareness of gynaecological and sexual health;
  • To provide information on specific gynaecological issues in an open and friendly forum.

In the past we have held events on September 10th to celebrate the day and hope to continue to do so in the future. Here are some photos from past events.

IMG_4770 IMG_4769 Committee and Graeme Committee and Lisa Scaffidi IMG_4768 1454614_479811738721976_583292972_n 1426322_479812135388603_1126782482_n

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