Cancer Awareness Month & Gynae Awareness Day Sept 10th

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As part of Gynaecological Awareness Month we focus on the importance of raising awareness of gynae health issues & cancers. Most importantly, its about raising awareness and stressing the importance of knowing our own bodies. If something doesn’t feel right especially ‘below the belt issues’ get it investigated further & don’t take ‘NO’ for an answer, especially if you’re not feeling right, there is anything about your body that feels unusual or any sign or symptom that persists eg. abnormal bleeding or pain.

Everyday we hear stories of women who have all to often said that they went to a doctor and were told there was nothing to worry about or were given an incorrect diagnosis or given antibiotics. However, for many the signs & symptoms didn’t go away & based on their own intuition & persistence they seeked further medical advice & investigation. Most importantly they didn’t take ‘NO’ for an answer & luckily they didn’t as many women have been diagnosed with various issues & cancers. Their persistence & knowing their own bodies saved their own lives. In a very recent article 1st September 2015 in The Telegraph a 33 year old women noticed something was wrong with her body & thought it was a harmless infection. Through misdiagnoses & persistence eventually she was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer.

Each year, on September 10th we celebrate International Gynaecological Awareness Day (IGAD), which aims to raise awareness about gynae & sexual health & to remove the stigma associated with gynae health issues & cancers. We hope you can all spread the word to women everywhere to 1) raise awareness about gynae & sexual health; 2) seek medical advice & don’t take ‘NO’ for an answer if there is something not right or unusual with the way you are feeling or have any signs & symptoms; 3) have your annual health checks. 

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